Chiang Dao / Thailand


Chiang Dao

Chiang Dao is a town and a district in Chiang Mai Province, north Thailand. It's situated in a valley, surrounded by impressing mountains, of who some peaks are higher than 2,000m. The Ping River, a major tributory of the Chao Phraya River, sources in the district.

'A Mountain Peak around Chiang Dao | North Thailand' by Asienreisender

One of the massive mountains around Chiang Dao. Image by Asienreisender, 1/2011

In former times, Chiang Dao was a small city state (mueang) and part of the kingdom of Lanna. It's former name, Piang Dao, means somewhat as 'City of Stars', while 'Chiang' means traditionally a Lannanese town in which a nobleman of a certain higher degree rules as a permanent resident.

In recent years, the place developed to a tourist destination particularly for Thai tourists from Chiang Mai. The surrounding mountains are still widely forested, although north Thailand's famous old teak trees have been logged long ago. Doi Chiang Dao (Mountain) is 2,175m high. Pha Daeng National Park lies in the district. Bird watching is an option here, for Chiang Dao Wildlife Sanctuary is home to more than 300 birds species. A large variety of tribal people live around in their villages in the mountains. These limestone mountains have also many caves and waterfalls. Trekking is a good option here.

Strange enought, some wine is produced in the vineyards at the slopes of the local mountains.

Chiang Dao lies on road 107, which connects Chiang Mai with the high north of Thailand, bypassing Chiang Rai. On this road lie also Mae Malai, Fang, Tha Ton and Mae Chan, where it joins road 110 from Chiang Rai up to Mae Sai.