Chiang Khan / Thailand


Chiang Khan

Chiang Khan is a small district town at the banks of the Mekong River in Loei Province, Isan. Remarkable here are the wooden houses, who represent a local architecture of the 20th century.

'Chiang Khan's River Promenade' by Asienreisender

Chiang Khan's river promenade. It's all small and there is little crowd over the week. Image by Asienreisender, 3/2011

The small place is relatively quiet and has plenty of accommodation for domestic tourism. Many Thais, partially from Bangkok, come on weekends or holidays to spent some time here. For Thailand, the accommodation is relatively high-priced. Western tourists are rather seldom to see.

The surrounding landscapes with their hills and mountains are picturesque, as well as the Mekong River here is. Along the river promenade are several touristic restaurants. The land on the other side of the river belongs to Laos.

River Landscape at Chiang Khan
'The Mekong River at Chiang Khan' by Asienreisender

Views over the Mekong River towards Laos. Images and photocomposition by Asienreisender, 2011/2016