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The listed works on this page give a rough overview on a selection of books, brochures and other publications on Southeast Asia, it's countries and plenty of different topics. Some, but not all of them had an influence on this web project. Some others who were of influence are not (yet) listed. There is, of course, much, much more.

Southeast Asia is in a process of rapid change, as the whole world is. Changes might be partially faster here than elsewhere, because of the particular economic dynamic in this world region. It's relatively easy to research historical topics; it's much more difficult to get a realistic image on what's going on right now. Politics and economics are very intransparent. Only certain people of inner circles have access to what's 'really' going on.

A lot of internet sources serve as additional information suppliers for this website, containing of newspapers, scientific websites, private blogs etc. The good, old books are getting a bit slow in a rapidly changing world, for they are not so easily updated as an internet source is.

It's rather superfluous to say that Asienreisender is neither responsible for the content of the works nor necessessarily favouring opinions, ideas or whatever is expressed in them.

Asienreisender is an advocate for the freedom of expression in all means. Therefore this page lists a wide variety of different, partially contradicting sources. Excluded are works presenting racist, sexist, violent content or follow merely business interests.

Literature Index of Asienreisender


Ahern, Thomas L. - Vietnam Declassified - The CIA and Counterinsurgency

Amnesty International - Caning in Malaysia

Amsterdam, Robert - The Bangkok Massacres

An, Wu Xiao - Chinese Business in Malays 1882-1941


Baird, Ian - Khone Falls Fisheries

Baker, Chris - Assembly of the Poor

Baker, Chris, Pongpaichit, Pasut - A History of Thailand

Bales, Kevin - Die neue Sklaverei

Barber, Crow, Milsom - Sumatra - Geology, Resources and Tectonic Evolution

Bastian, Adolf: Die Geschichte der Indochinesen

Bastian, Adolf: Die Voelker des oestlichen Asien. Reisen in Siam, 1863

Bastian, Adolf: Die Voelker des oestlichen Asien. Reisen durch Kambodja nach Cochinchina, 1868

Bastian, Adolf: Die Voelker des oestlichen Asien. Reisen im Indischen Archipel.

Bastian, Adolf: Die Weltauffassung der Buddhisten.

Bastian, Adolf: Indonesien, Java.

Bastian, Adolf: On some Siamese inscriptions.

Bastian, Adolf: Reisen in Birma, 1861-1862

Bastian, Adolf: Sprachvergleichende Studien der indochinesischen Sprachen

Beccaloni, George - Biography of Alfred Russel Wallace

Bowring, John - The Kingdom and People of Siam

Booth, Anne E. - Colonial Legacy

Boudreau, Vince - Resisting Dictatorship in Southeast Asia

Bracken, Gregory Byrne - A Walking Tour through Bangkok

Broccheiri, Paolo Beonio - Der grosse Palast von Bangkok

Brochure - The Greater Annamites as Ecosystem

Brown, Coling: A Short History of Indonesia

Bunnag, Jane - Urban, Monastic Study in Thailand

Burdett, John. - Bangkok Tatoo

Bunnell, Tim - Malaysia and the Multimedia Super Corridor


Cambodia (Language and National Identity in Asia)

Chandler, David - Voices from S-21

Chandler, David P. - Pol Pot - A Political Biography

Chi, Anson - Asian Culture Revealed

Chinyong Liow, Joseph - Islamism in Contemporary Malaysia

Cline, Eric, Sarolta, Ph.D. Takacs - Ancient Civilizations in Southeast Asia

Communities of the Mekong River

Connors, Michael - Democracy and National Identity in Thailand

Corfield, Justin - The History of Vietnam

Cox, Merel J. - Snakes and other Reptiles of Thailand and Southeast Asia


Damrong, Prince - Foundations of Ayutthaya

Day, Tony - State Formation in Southeast Asia

Defamation Law Thailand

Delang, Claudio - Living at the Edge of Thai Society - The Karen in North Thailand

Doner, Richard F. - Thailand's Economic Growth


Educational Destruction and Reconstruction in Cambodia

Ek-Amnuay, Pisuth - Beetles of Thailand

Engel, Jaruwan - Globalization and Legal Consciousness in Thailand

Engels, Friedrich - Die Lage der arbeitenden Klasse in England [1845]

Esterik, Penny van - Materializing Thailand

Evans, Grant - A Short History of Laos


Fawthrop, Tom & Jarvis, Hellen - Getting away with Genocide

Fielding, Leslie - Before the Killing Fields

Finlayson, George - Mission to Siam and Hue

Freedman, Amy L. - Political Change in Thailand

Follath, Erich - Die Kinder der Killing Fields - 1. Kapitel

Fontein, Jan - The Reliefs of Borobudur

Freeman, Michael - Cambodia (Reaktion Books - Topographics)

Friedmann, S. (Hg.) - Die Ostasiatische Inselwelt [1868]

Frommer's - Different countries in various editions


Genovese, Lia: The Plain of Jars: Mysterious and Imperilled, Feb. 2012

Geological Society of London - History and Tectonics of the Australia Asia Collision

Geological Society of London - Late Palaeozoic and Mesozoic Ecosystems in Southeast Asia

Glaize, Maurice - Angkor

Glassman, Jim - Thailand - Internationalization of the State

Goddard, Cliff - The Languages of East and Southeast Asia

Gomes, Alberto - Malaysia, Settling the Forest Nomads

Gomez, Edmond - Chinese Business in Malaysia

Gomez, Edmond - Politics in Malaysia

Grumbach, Gernot & Achim Güssgen & Miguel F. Schramm - Asien - eine andere Welt? - Werte und Menschenrechte

Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia


Hall, Kenneth - A History of Early Southeast Asia

Handley, Paul - A Hollow Crown, Auszug

Handley, Paul M. - The King Never Smiles

Hauser-Schäublin, Brigitta - World Heritage Angkor

Hefner, Robert W. [ed.] Multiculturalism in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore

Heryanto, Ariel - Challenging Authoritarianism in Southeast Asia

Hinton, Alexander - Cambodia in the Shadow of Genocide

Houellebecq, Michel - Plattform

Hooker, Virginia - A Short History of Malaysia

Horstmann, Alexander - Social Change in Southeast Asia

Human Rights in Thailand

Human Rights Watch - 30 Years of Hun Sen. Violence, Repression, and Corruption in Cambodia (2015)

Human Rights Watch - The Moken of Burma and Thailand (2015)


Industrial Development in Coastal Areas of Southeast Asia (2001)

International Rivers - The Xayaburi Dam

Ivarsson, Soren - Monarchy in Thailand

Jaggs, Peter - Visa-Run Pattaya to Sihanoukville

Jones, Matthew - Conflict in Southeast Asia 1961-65

Jose L. Tongzon - Economies of Southeast Asia

Junghuhn, Franz Wilhelm - in 'Der Freihafen': Menschenfressende Bataker, Artikel von 1842

Junghuhn, Franz Wilhelm - Die Battaländer auf Sumatra - Band I

Junghuhn, Franz Wilhelm - Die Battaländer auf Sumatra - Band II

Junghuhn, Franz Wilhelm - Die Einfuehrung des Christentums auf Java - 1858

Junghuhn, Franz Wilhelm - Javas Gestalt, Pflanzendecke, innere Bauart - Band I

Junghuhn, Franz Wilhelm - Javas Gestalt, Pflanzendecke, innere Bauart - Band II

Junghuhn, Franz Wilhelm - Javas Gestalt, Pflanzendecke, innere Bauart - Band III

Junghuhn, Franz Wilhelm - Reise von Java nach Europa - 1848

Junghuhn, Franz Wilhelm - Topographische und naturwissenschaftliche Reisen durch Java


Kampot of the Belle Epoque in Cambodia

Karnov, Stanley - Vietnam, A History of the American Vietnam War

Keller, Lucy - UNTAC in Cambodia

Khmer Republic at War and Collapse

Klenke, Karin - Consuming Beauty - Körper, Schönheit und Geschlecht in Tanah Karo, Sumatra

Klein, Naomi - The Shock Doctrin. The Rise of Disaster Capitalism

Klima, Alan - Thailand - The Funeral Casino

Kusalasaya, Karuna - Buddhism in Thailand


Leather, Steven - Private Dancer

Lay Lee, Tang - Statelessness, Human Rights And Gender in Thailand

Leakey, Richard, Lewin, Roger - Der Ursprung des Menschen

Lewis, Norman - A Dragon Apparent

Lombardi, Nicholas - The Plain of Jars

London, Ellen - Thailand, 2000 Years of History

Lonely Planet - Different countries in various editions

Loubere, Simon de - A Depiction of the Kingdom of Siam


MacGregor Marshall - Thailand in Crisis [2014]

MacGregor Marshall - Thaistory

Mahbubani, Kishore - Can Asians Think?

Medien und Demokratie in Kambodscha

Migrant Workers Abuse in Thailand

Michael W._Doyle, Ian Johnstone, Robert C. Orr - Keeping the peace in Cambodia

Mishra, Patit Paban - The History of Thailand

Mouhot, Henri - Travel in the Central Parts of Indochina - Volume I

Mouhot, Henri - Travel in the Central Parts of Indochina - Volume II


Ong, Aihwa - Spirit of Resistance - Factory Women in Malaysia

Ong, Aihwa - Modern Chinese Transnationalism

Ooi, Keat - A Historical Encyclopedia of Southeast Asia

Osborne, Milton - China and the Countries of Southeast Asia

Osborne, Milton - Blocking Flow to Asias Bread Basket

Osborne, Milton - Exploring Southeast Asia

Osborne, Milton - Mekong Dam Plans threatening the natural Order

Osborn, Milton - The Mekong. River under Threat

Overcoming Fear of Monarchy in Thailand


Peleggi, Maurizio - Thailand, The Worldly Kingdom

Pham, P. L. - British Withdrawal from Malaysia and Singapore

Pilger, John - Uncle Sam and Pol Pot

Pleyte, C.M. - Die Buddhalegende von Borobudur

Political Contests in the Advent of Bangkok’s 19 September Putsch


Quagliotti, Anna Maria - Mayas Dream in Borobudur


Raffles, Thomas Stamford - Substance of a Minute

Raffles, Thomas Stamford - The History of Java, Volume I

Raffles, Thomas Stamford - The History of Java, Volume II

Refugees from Burma - Backgrounds and Experiences

Reid, Anthony - Revolution and the End of Traditional Rule in North Sumatra

Rigg, Jonathan - Southeast Asia's Development and Modernization

Roda, Jean-Marc, Rathi, Santosh - Natural Forest and Plantation Development in Southeast Asia

Rodan, Garry - Authoritarian Rule in Malaysia and Singapore

Roubik, David, Shoko Sakai, Abg Abdul Hamid - Pollination Ecology and Rain Forest

Rough Guide - Different countries in various editions

Roy, Arundhati - Capitalism. A Ghost Story

Roy, Arundhati - The Cost of Living

Ruangsilp, Bhawan - Dutch East India Company Merchants


Salguero, C. Pierce - The Spiritual Healing of Traditional Thailand

Sarkar, H.B. - Sailendra Dynasty of Java

Scholl-Latour, Peter - Der Tod im Reisfeld

Schrenck, Friedemann: Die Fruehzeit des Menschen (Muenchen 1997)

Scott, James C. - The Art of not being Governed

Scott, Rachelle M. - Thailand - Nirvana for Sale

Shanahan, Mike & Tren, S. - Cambodia, Death in small Doses

Shermer, Michael - Alfred Russel Wallace's Life and Science

Shermer, Michael - Why People believe weired things

Shipman, Pat - Die Evolution des Rassismus

Siv, Sichan - Journey from Hell in Cambodia

Smith, Charles H., Beccaloni, George - The Intellectual Legacy of Arthur Russel Wallace

Soekmono - Chandi Borobudur

Stark, Allen - Transition to History of Southeast Asia

Stark, Miriam T. - New Perspectives on Early Cambodia from the Lower Mekong Archaeological Project

Stark, Miriam T. - Results of the 1995-1996 Archaeological Field Investigations at Angkor Borei, Cambodia

Steinfatt, Thomas M. - Sex Work in Thailand

Sterling, E.J., Hurley, M.M., Le Duc - Vietnam - A Natural History

Strangio, Sebastian - Hun Sen's Cambodia

Streckfuss, David - Truth on Trial in Thailand

Springer, Simon - Cambodias Neoliberal Order

Steinberg, David I, Burma - What Everyone needs to know

Stiles, Daniel - Elephant and Ivory Trade in Thailand


Tarling, Nicholas - Nationalism in Southeast Asia

Tarling, Nicholas - The Cambridge History of Southeast Asia I

Tarling, Nicholas - The Cambridge History of Southeast Asia II

Thailand - Problems of Democracy

The Hmong. Introduction to their Culture and History

The Occult and the Thai Coup in Thailand

Toer, Ananta - The Girl from the Sea

Tongzon, Jose L. - The Economies of Southeast Asia

Tully, John - A Short History of Cambodia

Tully, John - Devils Milk. A Social History of Rubber (2011)

Tyson, Adam D. - Decentralization and Adat Revivalization in Indonesia


Ungpakorn, Giles Ji - A Coup For the Rich - Thailands political Crisis

Unger, Daniel - Southeast Asia's Economic Growth


van Vliet, Jeremias - Description of the Kingdom of Thailand

Vater, Tom - Moon Guide - Angkor Wat, Siem Reap


Wales, Horace Geoffrey Quaritch - Siamese State Ceremonies - Their History and Function (1931)

Wallace, Alfred Russel - Island Life

Wallace, Alfred Russel - My Life

Wallace, Alfred Russel - Sarawak Law

Wallace, Alfred Russel - The Malay Archipelago, Volume I

Wallace, Alfred Russel - The Malay Archipelago, Volume II

Wallace, Alfred Russel - Tropical Nature and other Essays

Warr, Peter - Thailand beyond the Crisis

Warren, William - Bangkok

Watson, Hugh - Siam Smile(s)

Weatherbee, Donald E. - International Relations in Southeast Asia

Webster, Michael and Chew Yen Fook - Birds of Thailand

Weeraboon Wisartsakul - Udonthani - Wetland for Wastewater Management

White, Lynn T. - Local Money and Power in Thailand

Widianto, Harry, Simanjuntak, Truman - Sangiran (Indonesian Department of Culture and Tourism)

Winter, Tim - Angkor Wat - Post-Conflict Heritage, Postcolonial Tourism

Wittfogel, Karl A. - Oriental Despotism - A Comparative Study of Total Power

Woodward, Hiram - Art and Architecture of Thailand

World Bank - Private Solutions for Infrastructure in Cambodia

World Bank - Tiger Economies under Threat

Wikileaks - Various cables from Southeast Asian capitals to the State Department in Washington until 28.02.2010


Yen, Ching-Hwang - The Chinese in Southeast Asia


Zebioli, Randle C. - Thailand - Economic, Social and Political Issues

Zhou Daguan, (Chou Ta-Kuan) - The Customs of Cambodia, Siam Society, 1992

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