Phang Nga / Thailand


Phang Nga

Along the western shores of the Malay Peninsula, west of Krabi, lies Phang Nga, both a town and a province. The town has roughly 10,000 inhabitants. The province stretches northwards bordering Ranong Province.

Ko Panyi
'Ko Panyi | Phang Nga | Thailand' by Asienreisender

A Muslim fishing village with some contract restaurants and a lot of souvenir shops, Ko Panyi is part of any touristic boat trip through the bay of Phang Nga. Image by Asienreisender, 9/2009

Phang Nga has a fascinating, versatile landscape with wild, tall limestone rocks of who a part appear as islands along the shore of the Andaman Sea. One of these island-rocks is the so called 'James Bond Rock', for one of the movies, 'The Man with the Golden Colt' (1974, Roger Moore) has been made here. Much of the coastline is mangrove forest, other sections are sand beach. That is particularly so in Khao Lak, a famous tourist resort, and Thai Mueang, a small place at the coast south of Khao Lak.

Greater parts of the province of Phang Nga are protected as some national and marine national parks. A number of seldom animals live here, among them are allegedly still dugongs. In the mountains are also gibbons (Hylobates lar) living.

This part of the coast has been badly destroyed by the tsunami on December 26th, 2004.

The town of Phang Nga lies at the banks of Phang Nga River. Although a small place, it has a little Chinatown.

The local economy is based mostly on agriculture, fishing and tourism.

The Bay of Phang Nga
'The Bay of Phang Nga' by Asienreisender

Limestone rocks, forests, mangroves... there is much green around in the bay of Phang Nga. Image by Asienreisender, 9/2009