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As I see things, a life without TV is an enrichment,
a life without books would be too poor to be worth lived.
No, I couldn't live without books...

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Asian Culture Revealed

Yellow on the outside - Shame on the inside
by Anson Chi.

A great novel about a Californian university student with Japanese family roots who tells us the story about his life - revealing much insight into East Asian mentalities and real life behind the smile and etiquette. You will wonder! Besides it's written with humor and reads fluently. It's a much more intelligent input than you get when talking to 99.9 per cent of the Asians around here. And you can even get it here for free:

Asienreisender - Asian Culture Revealed

Asian Cultures Revealed
by Anson Chi

A History of Thailand

A highly recommendable introduction in the understanding of contemporary Thailand and it's society.

After the fall of Ayuthaya 1767 Siamese Civilization was almost destroyed. The remaining Siamese were regathered under (King) Thaksin...

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Burmese Days by George Orwell

Eric Arthur Blair (George Orwell) was born in 1903 in British India and died in 1950 in London. For five years (1922-1927) he was a police officer in British Burma.

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